Digging at Diamond Hill
Here at the Diamond Hill Mine you will have a rare opportunity to collect your own crystals. We do not “salt” the piles. Its “unsalted”, meaning everything you will find came from this actual mine. Due to the large equipment used while digging veins, many pieces are lost or missed. You will have many dump/spoil piles to search through, about 5-6 acres, or you may search for a veins but this method is much harder style and can or cannot pay off. We have 6+ acres of dirt that is loaded with quartz crystals to surface collect or to dig through.
We cannot guarantee amethyst, as it is harder to find, but many guests leave with some beautiful purple amethyst. Visit our picture page on Facebook to see some of the most recent finds by visitors.

NO TRAILERS ALLOWED, Limit on rocks is a car/truck load.

6 & under are free


Veteran $15

Non-Collector is free (non-collectors are not allowed in collecting area, only in camping, vending, or parking area.)

Adults/Chaperones Group Rate $10 each
College Students Group Rate $10 each
High School Students/Scouts Group Rate $5 each

CAMPING IS FREE!!! We have several areas for setting up a tent or you can even bring a pull behind or a moter home as many have done before. Please call or e-mail if you plan to camp. We do have an area for bonfires and cooking

The only facilities we have is an outhouse, Porta John and Picnic tables,  no running water. There is a mini-mart type gas station about 5 min. away.

Contacts for Reservations
Please contact the following to make reservations for a day at the mine if after 2pm or are planning to camp.

Gina Clary: (864)934-3744


What You Will Need For Digging
1.Gloves, a thin yet durable pair. A great type are thin garden type with rubber or poly palms.
2.Tools you might use; A long screwdriver is a must. shovel, rake, rock hammer, sledge hammer, pick.
3.Boxes or flats to carry and store your finds in until you get home.
4.Newspaper or similar for stuffing/packing in case of some better finds so they don’t get damaged.
5.Drinks, food, snacks
6.Sunscreen , first aid kit for scrapes that might occur!
7.A big smile! If you don’t have one, you will soon after finding your crystal treasures!

These are all optional tips, I would highly suggest at least bringing a pair of gloves although they are not required. Only shirt and shoes are required as well as no open toe shoes or barefoot digging!


If you are caught night digging you will be asked to leave and lose any future access to the mine. It is too dangerous to be anywhere near the pit area.


NO Throwing rocks!

Frequent Questions with Answers
Q: How long and where can we dig?

A: You can dig from sign in until dark if you have current signed waivers. Digging is allowed anywhere on property unless marked and no digging in parking area please.

Q: How do I get there?
What are the directions?

A: Address is 50-99  Diamond Mine Road,  Abbeville SC

I would 1st try for getting here. See our directions link at top of page.

Antreville will  not come up in your gps,

Directions to the mine from I-85 North or South: Take I-85 north/south to exit 21 (US 178/Anderson, SC). Go south on US 178 for about a mile and bear right onto SR 28 (Abbeville/Antreville). Stay on SR 28 all the way to Antreville. Crawford’s Country store is on your left as you enter Antreville and is also 21 miles from exit 21 on I-85. Drive past Crawford’s store till you see Emanuel Baptist Church and turn right on to SR 284. Drive 2.3 miles and take a right on Suber Road/SC road S-01-508. Be careful not to turn into the folks’ driveway just before the road here. Go seven tenths of a mile and you will see on your right a gravel road, Diamond Mine Road/SC road S-1-538. Turn right and go half a mile and the mine entrance will be on your right.